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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Author Reviews How-To Tome for Book Promoters

Talk Radio for Authors
By Fran Silverman

Reviewed by Judith Woolcock Colombo

Francine Silverman’s Talk Radio for Authors is a fine example of what a “how to book” should be. It is well written and organized in such a way that the reader need not wade through every chapter to get the information he or she needs.

The talk radio shows, both internet and terrestrial, are grouped in sections according to their themes, including programs dealing with authors and their craft, to ones on antiques and collectables, or others serving health enthusiast, animal lovers, hikers, or technophiles. Each show, its theme, its objective, and the type of guests it courts was described clearly and precisely.

However, the section I found most enlightening was the one discussing the hosts’ opinions of the best and worst kind of guests. This section is a must for anyone who is about to be interviewed on a radio show. It could make the difference between selling yourself and your book or exposing yourself to the audience in an unfavorable light.

The appendixes that followed the main part of the book were almost as extensive and just as informative as the chapters that preceded them. The first was a concise list of radio show directories. The second listed authors who had appeared on radio shows and gave a brief description of their experiences and works. The third appendix contained the varied biographies of numerous radio hosts.

I also found the articles at the end of the book very useful, especially Laura Ramirez’s Let the Guest Beware and Alex Carroll’s Making Radio Interviews Really Pay.

This is a great reference book, and I will be referring to it often.
Judith Woolcock Colombo: Author of The Fablesinger, Night Crimes and The Gasman, and Amazon short.
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