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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Every Little Girl's Dream, "Meghan Rose On Stage"

Meghan Rose On Stage!
By Lori Z. Scott
ISBN: 9780784721032. 2007
Fiction: Juvenile, Humorous, Friendship, Christian life, Talent Show
Contact Reviewer: J. M. Sample
Publisher: Standard Publishing; $4.99
Publisher site:

Reviewed by Jewel Sample for

I read "Meghan Rose on Stage" to my granddaughters who are five and seven years old. My granddaughter's were so enthralled with the story we had to read the whole book in one sitting. When we would come to the "really, really cool" (as my seven year old granddaughter phrased it) illustrations by Stacy Curtis, they would peer over the pages inspecting each character and chat about what was going on.

The book was definitely a hit and they could hardly wait to make a red volcano that Scott suggests along with other activities in the back of the book. I improvised by using a empty plastic 16 ounce pop bottle. We took the creative play experience outside and I was so glad we did because the volcano did erupt. The children squealed and howled as they watched their project in action.

Another thing that made this book so special was the "Chatter Matters" discussion questions in the back of the book. One granddaughter chatted about how cool it was to know Meghan prayed when she did not know what to do next. The other granddaughter discussed that it does not matter who you are anyone can share their talent! Sharing with others makes everyone happy.

Now they have a "really cool" memory about a girl named Meghan Rose, while on one of Grandma's play dates and a new phrase definition, "bouncy kangaroo," which they practiced all over my living room. A great adventure story with "bam" (as my five year phrased it) for elementary age children and of course, this Grandma enjoyed this fun read too.

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