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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Romantic E-Ticket Adventure from Carrie Lynn Lyons

Dream Pictures
Carrie Lynn Lyons
Mundania Press LLC
ISBN-10 : 1-59426-234-9

Reviewed by: Suzette Jamison

Carrie Lynn Lyons blends a unique cast of characters with a story that touches heart and soul, and takes readers on an E-ticket adventure filled with goose bump chills of something other in “Dream Pictures,” book one of the Carnival Soul Trilogy.

An isolated road, a stormy night, and a grizzly murder, all pretty cliché. But the two men who interrupt the killers and sweep young Jamie Weston and the reader into their world aren’t cliché, aren’t ordinary, and are not about to let the killers get to their last victim.

Visitors to Cavanaugh’s Carnival and its oddities show come to see its starring attractions, Cavanaugh’s Midget Hunchback and Cavanaugh’s Frankenstein. Even most in the Show see only the personas they project. Solomon and Leon Cavanaugh, the owners of Cavanaugh’s Carnivals, four of the largest traveling shows in the United States, are more, much more, and they do anything to protect the child that came so willing into their arms, including opening the closed world of the carny to outsiders.

Devastated by the death of his best friend, Paul Randolph, will use all the resources at his command as the new CEO of the multi-billion dollar Weston Corporation to find the killer and his goddaughter. When he becomes a target, too, he finds himself under the protection of Jaime’s unusual rescuers.

The foreward in this book, written by John Robinson of Sideshow World, says, “It ‘s alive on the inside,” and so it is. Well written, fast paced, alive with character, adventure, thrills and chills and heart and soul, Carrie Lynn Lyons “Dream Pictures” sweeps you away for a few hours with the carnival, the characters, and their story.
Carrie Lynn Lyons grew up is Southern Utah as Charlene Ruesch, married, traveled around courtesy of the Airforce and landed in Nevada, where she is employed in the health care industry and busy with her grandchildren and writing.

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