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Friday, June 20, 2008

Hop On Over to Read "The Frog in the Well"

The Frog in the Well
By Irene Y. Tsai (Author), Pattie Caprio (Illustrator)
Published by
Genre: children's book
ISBN: 978-0980130515
List Price: $14.95
Originally published on CE Bilingual Books website and other marketing

Reviewed by Tom Watkins

The Frog in the Well is both beautifully written and illustrated. The
story of how the frog views his world will jump off the pages for
children while educating them about Chinese culture and language. I
have had an interest in China ever since a 4th-grade teacher opened my
eyes to the country and its people, culture, language, and history.

The Frog in the Well will create a spark for learning about China and
the most spoken language in the world: Mandarin Chinese. Parents,
teachers, and educational leaders should be encouraged to help
children discover China, and The Frog in the Well is a great tool for
doing so. This will help prepare our children for the transformational
world that they are entering and make America a magnet for Chinese
investment in the future. Don't just sit there—hop on over and pick up
a copy of The Frog in the Well."

Reviewer: Tom Watkins
Michigan State Superintendent of Schools (2001–2005), MI
Honorary Professor, Mianyang University

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