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Monday, June 16, 2008

Speaking of Summer Reading! Mindy Lawrence Provides Us with Classics! For FREE!

This is a guest entry from Mindy Lawrence. I thought it so full of good resources on the classics, you'd want to see it. (-: Carolyn, co-blogger with Joyce Faulkner.

Dr. Dan Skelton, my client at MPL Creative Resources and my former English professor, sent me his reading list for the World Lit I class he is teaching this summer. I'd read all but two of the pieces (I haven’t read Seneca or Apuleius’ “The Golden Ass”). However, I looked for the main text that he recommended on Amazon and several other places. A new book was almost $70. I got the idea of finding all the works on the Internet where his students could access them if they couldn't afford the book. I found versions online of every work on his list. I've attached it here so you can see.

I was most enthusiastic about a paid site for Beowulf which I didn't include on my list because, well, it cost money. However, the program looked interesting and the graphics on the main page were beautifully done. See the rest of the freebie list below.

Would I like to be in Dr. Skelton’s class again, this time learning from the ancients to the Renaissance? You bet!

Mindy Lawrence
MPL Creative Resources

World Literature I – Reading List Online
Instructor: Dr. Dan Skelton


The Hebrew Bible

The Iliad

The Odyssey


Oedipus the King



Seneca, “On Anger”

Apuleius, “The Golden Ass”


In Old English and Modern English

The Canterbury Tales


Carpe Diem poems:

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

The Flea

To the Virgins to Make Much of Time

Shakespeare, Hamlet

John Milton, X – Paradise Lost

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