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Sunday, June 22, 2008

John Rosenman Brings Romance to New Sci-Fi Novel

Title: Alien Dreams
Author: John B. Rosenman
Genre: Science fiction
E-Book ISBN 13: 978-0-9798081-4-2
E-Book ISBN 10: 0-9798081-4-6
To be released later as a trade paperback.
Publisher: Drollerie Press

Reviewed by Ron Berry at for Berrie Reviews

It is hot, and a sense of menace pervades the rugged landscape of the planet Lagos. At first there is no sign of the original exploration crew. Once the four-member rescue force discovers their dead bodies, their demise is difficult to understand. Equally disturbing to Captain Eric Latimore, the leader of the rescue mission, is the fact that they find four unusual cubes, one for each member of their team. It is almost as if their visit was expected. Alien Dreams by John B. Rosenman pulls you into his web succinctly and holds you in suspense. What does all this mean?

It is an alien, barren landscape, and four very different crewmembers from the rescue ship attempt to explore it. Yet once the cubes are discovered, each member is haunted by the same sinister dreams featuring beautiful aliens. The question now is what really killed the original crew. Did these odd cubes have anything to do with it?

As the rescue crew searches the land, they find a most unusual spacecraft. It looks like other ships, yet there are no entrances or exits. Its presence just deepens the mystery. As things turn out, the spacecraft is the simplest part of the mystery. Life quickly becomes complex for the crew when they encounter terrifying aliens that endanger their lives.

Soon Latimore finds himself facing a transcendently difficult choice. To save the lives of his crew, he must give up the woman he loves and become an alien himself, then lead his new “people” across the universe on a cosmic adventure. Will his sacrifices be worth it? What is his ultimate destiny? Until you read Alien Dreams, you won’t know. John B. Rosenman weaves an intricate plot and a most exciting tale with mind-stretching concepts that make us look at the universe in a new way. This book is classified as science fiction, but there is a lot more romance and intrigue than in your ordinary SF materials.

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