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Monday, March 2, 2009

LaTonya Franklin Reviews Parker's Christian Fiction

All the Voices of the Wind
By Donald James Parker
Christian fiction
ISBN: 978-0615221830

Reviewed by Latonya Franklin for Apex Reviews

Jeremy Dillon is quite the accomplished young man. A talented athlete with an engaging personality, he's spirited, driven, and well-liked by his peers. With all that going for him, one would think that he'd have no problem being popular with the young ladies - but the opposite actually proves true, and, when the lovely Maria Masterson literally waltzes into his life one day, he is awestruck by her beauty, as well as the ineffable power and mystery that surround her.

After a few false starts, Jeremy finally succeeds in establishing a solid rapport with Maria, and the two of them quickly become close friends, sharing much of themselves with one another on the way to forming a unique spiritual bond. A devout Christian, Maria soon introduces Jeremy to a new way of seeing the world around him, and his ensuing spiritual journey engenders within him a new foundation of wisdom and intellectual maturity.

There's just one bump on Jeremy's road to enlightenment: his father. Ever since the untimely death of his mother, Jeremy's father has struggled with spiritual issues, and the notion of faith in an omnipotent higher power has become quite a difficult concept for him to accept. In the face of his father's skepticism, Jeremy soon finds it increasingly difficult to contend with the internal conflict with which his divided loyalties soon confront him as he moves forward in his own personal journey with Maria.

Book 3 in the Masterson Family Series, All The Voices Of The Wind offers a deeper, more probing look into the inner workings of a family in constant flux. The bond between Jeremy and his father remains strong, but as its strength is tested by Jeremy's budding relationship with Maria, the reader is presented with a realistic portrayal of just how difficult it can be for family members - no matter how close - to preserve the integrity of their respective unions.

In addition, Donald James Parker - in his typical intrepid style - tackles the topic of evolution head-on, offering insightful, well-thought-out analysis of the issue from all sides. His attention to detail ensures that the reader comes away with a comprehensive, in-depth perspective on the matter, and he does ultimate justice to a spirited debate that only continues to grow in intensity.

Moving, engaging, and entertaining, All The Voices Of The Wind is a heart-rending literary treat.

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Glynda Lomax said...

I am currently reading The Guardian of Heaven series by Mark H. Barratt ( This is a fictional account of the end times and it is amazing in its insight. These are the type of books that will keep you up late at night because you can't stop turning the pages (kind of like the Left Behind Series did). The author worked among the Israeli people for about 6 years according to his website and Book 4 really gives alot of insight into them and how the nation of Israel as a whole thinks and believes which, as a Christian, I find very interesting. Being a writer myself, I find it so refreshing to discover fiction that is so engrossing you cannot put it down. I highly recommend this series!

Glynda Lomax