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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preview Novel That Helps Kids Make Life Choices

Belle's Star
By Connie Cotsch
Artemesia Publishing, 1-505-286-0892
Fiction: Children's
Illustrations by John Cogan

The first chapter of Belle's Star a youth novel by Farmington, New Mexico author Connie Gotsch is available for preview and pre order from its publisher, Artemesia Publishing at

Written from a dog's point of view, Belle's Star empowers children ages 8 to 12 to build new lives after escaping bullying and abuse or other difficult situations.

Darcy, a spunky soccer playing girl, and her Aunt Ellen rescue Belle from abusive owners and offer her love. Belle has never met a kind human. Living with Darcy terrifies her. Other people and animals, including a cat, teach her about trust. Her adventures with these colorful characters help kids face painful issues.

Award winning journalist and retired Farmington elementary school counselor Margaret Cheasebro has designed an activities booklet for Belle's Star. The booklet will be available in downloadable form upon purchase of the novel.

The guide can assist in small group counseling and classroom sessions designed to help elementary school students understand abuse and deal with it. Home schooling parents, who like to read and discuss stories with kids, can use the guide. Families and community groups can work on projects that foster strong community ties. Veterinarians, pet store owners, and animal shelter workers can use the guide to promote pet care.

Farmington artist and animal lover John Cogan created black-and-white illustrations for each of the 14 chapters in Belle’s Star, and a color image for the book’s cover. Known for his landscape acrylics still lifes, portraits, and wildlife images, he shows work at El Prado Galleries in Sedona, Arizona; Galleries West in Jackson, Wyoming; and Southwest Galleries in Dallas, Texas.

To pre-order or read Chapter I of Belle's Star contact Artemesia Publishing at or 1-505-286-0892.

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