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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sensual Fantasy Anyone? Frugal E-Book Anyone?

Sister Warrior
By Teel James Glenn
Author’s e-mail: TeelJamesGlenn @
Edited by Joan McNulty Pulver, Felicia Ellis, and Debi Markee
Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery
Published by ePress-Online Inc.
Publisher’s email:
Isbn#: 978-1-934258-15-6
Published May 2008
184 Pages
Priced at 14.99 pod and $5.00 for e-book version

Reviewed by Lee for

Sister Warrior is classic heroic fantasy, full to the brim with swords and sorcery. The book begins with a flourish and after a short prologue we join our blue-furred heroine, Ku’zn, as she sets out to free her brother from slavery...

I liked the descriptiveness of the author in regard to his characters; the attention to detail really pays off and allows the reader to form strong mental images… Relationships are integral to the story; Sister Warrior differs from the majority of fantasy in that it is not afraid to feature same-sex relationships. I found this refreshing as the fantasy genre has to move with the times and books like this will further promote acceptance in the “real” world.

Teel James Glenn has great experience as a fight choreographer and swordsman and he utilizes all of his knowledge and skill to produce truly breathtaking fight scenes. These sections are extremely important to a heroic / sword and sorcery book and this is where Sister Warrior really shines…

Fans of Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock and David Gemmell will enjoy Sister Warrior, the action is fast-paced, the excitement constant. Sister Warrior is just one Novel of Altiva and although knowledge of the prior books is not essential to enjoy this tale it will provide the reader with a greater understanding of the character. If you’re looking for an action-packed, sensual fantasy, then you need look no further.

Eight out of Ten stars

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