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Saturday, August 21, 2010

JAVELINA: Have-uh-What?


AUTHOR: Gene K. Garrison
GENRE: Children's
ISBN: 798-1-4528725-3-7

Originally reviewed by Mona Tippins for

This book is not just another bedtime storybook. It is a learning experience for children. The javelina is an animal that many children have never heard of, nor will they study it in school. The author explains, in an entertaining, lyrical way about the lives of the javelina and other animals, especially the ones that roam our Sonoran Desert. The thirty-eight pages are packed with information and spiced with color photographs of the javelina, other desert animals, and the plants and flowers of the desert. The author has mastered the art of "Show and Tell."
Ms. Garrison has added a glossary/dictionary of words she has used in the story that will further the child's vocabulary and possibly the parents' too.

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