Saturday, August 14, 2010

Military Memoir Top Award Winner Many Times Over

Title: Stand To…A Journey to Manhood
Author: E. Franklin Evans
Published in: Jan 2008
Awards: 2009 Award Winner, Founder’s Award, Mil Writer Soc of America (MWSA)
Silver Medalist, Branson Stars and Flags, 2009
45th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Nominee
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Reviewed by W.H. McDonald, Jr. for Military Writer's Society of America

Vietnam veteran and author E. Franklin Evans has captured something very special in his personal war memoir, "Stand To...A Journey to Manhood". We get a good glimpse back into the life and times of a "young man" caught in the vortex of war. The reader is treated to a well written accounting of his experiences surviving both the traumas of battles and people. It is historic, personal and entertaining.
This is one of this decade's "Top 10 Best Memoirs" on the Vietnam War experience. The story is emotionally presented through the eyes of a young Army officer - but it is clearly written with the introspection of a much older author. He looks back at that time and place in his life in an attempt to understand and come to grips with these events. It is truly a journey and one that most readers will find well worth taking with this author.

The reviewer is the founder of  MWSA, Bill MacDonald. The author won the Founder’s Award for 2008.  It was also. iUniverse’s Reader’s Choice, Editor’s Choice, and Publisher’s Choice in 2008.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I was in the military also and I can attest to the fact that we became men almost overnight (or so it seemed).

Larry Lee said...

Frank Evans is a true American Hero who 'stands to" for all of what is right in America (Honor, Duty, Family, Country and God). Stand To represents these values and correlates into his real-world memories in a conflict that tore this country socially and politically and adversely affected so many families. Great read, great book, great man.