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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Literary Novel Online Book Tour Featured Today

Montana Mist, Year of the White Wolf
By Doug Hiser
Genre: Fiction: Literary

Montana Mist, Year of the White Wolf is a literary work of unlikely love, loneliness, desperate secrets and a hidden world - a place where people go to escape their former lives. Former pro hockey player, Hanlon Starky, lives like a hermit in the mountains of Montana among the wolves that he studies, and he carries around a secret guilt that engulfs him.
Mist is a white wolf he raised from a pup and set free. The white wolf has disappeared, and he fears for her safety. Sassy Lilytrotter, a hitchhiker carrying her world in a backpack finds her way to his remote world and changes his life dramatically. Hanlon’s secret, known only to “Shy Girl,” a young and beautiful blind woman, is uncovered and his pain drives him deeper into the snowy infinite wilderness. Shy Girl, Sassy, and the many odd, quirky characters that populate the remote Montana-Canadian border must use their own ways to help heal the old wounds of guilt and damage within the man among wolves.
Bernie Patton MD, author and memory expert says, “Montana Mist is the most 'belle-truistic novel,' a word I had not heard before which means literally, 'belles lettres' meaning 'beautiful' or 'fine' writing. It includes all literary works valued for their aesthetic qualities and originality of style and tone."
Author Doug Hiser’s life is a cartoon, funny, extravagant, creative, exciting and many of those “Coyote falls off the cliff and lands with a puff of dust at the bottom.” He is an author of 18 books, (The Honey Bee Girl,Secret Grotto, Lost Oasis, Crow Canyon, Cavern of the Eggstone, Wink-eye Creek, Tropical Calypso, Bite of the Mailman, Chapbooks-Shards of Lies, Whiskey Moon, The 7 Rages, Treasured Embrace, Children’s books- Monty Finds his Family Tree, How the Octopus Saved the World, The Fish that Ate the World, The Rain Berry Quest, Art collections- Texas Bird Artworks, Hiser Wildlife Anthology), a poetry slam winner and producer, a professional artist, a football, track and soccer coach in public schools, a retired mailman (that's another story) a public speaker at conferences and schools, a Tourism and Eco-tourism-professional, and there is also a lot of things he used to do, like play every sport imaginable, competitive bodybuilder for about ten years, and in 1992 he was on the American Gladiators television show. Doug Hiser is a prolific wildlife artist, producing over 100 new pieces of art each year. He eventually wants to paint and draw as many of the species of animals on the planet as he can in his lifetime. He is currently working on a book from A to Z of unusual animal close-up portraits. His website has 14 galleries.

Buy the book on October 27 and download dozens of bonuses, too. . Other books by Doug Hiser include those with widgets featured in this post.

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