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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Title: Wild is the Heart

Author: Sona Ovasapyan
Genre: Poetry/General
ISBN-10: 1453633138
Website: and

Have you ever gotten lost trying to make your way through life?

There are days when the world seems to forget your existence and leaves you stranded to deal with the pains buried in your soul.

This book takes you on a short journey inward to show that there is always laughter to be found and joy to be experienced. Everyone can achieve happiness and inner peace, the journey starts from within.

When you have exhausted all other means to find your self, sometimes it takes stepping back and letting life show you the path. It is moments that define breakthroughs and it is possible for everyone to live fully and explore all aspects of their happiness.

Wild is the heart, in this treasure chest you will find a momentary escape that will help bring perspective back to your day. A quick fix for when hope seems to deplete.

The book was designed so that it can go anywhere with you. It can sit on top of your coffee table instead of a magazine. A ray of light. We have all been through the dark and I want everyone to know that there is a way to find your self back and shine on into light once more.

Highly respected author/editor/speaker/professor at UCLA co founder of authors coalition Carolyn Howard Johnson says; "Sona. I am in awe. Truly. You are a fine poet and an original one. In fact, you may have inventd a new poetry form!"
My prior poetry book ForGone was awarded a literary prize, featured on 90.7 KPFK poets cafe, Horizon television, LA Times Book Festival, West Hollywood Book Fair, Poets Cafe night at St. Gregory's school, April Bookstore, Glendale Library Conference and much more.
This is your opportunity to partake in the special journey of rediscovering your heart and it's true intentions.
Sometimes when the mind has exhausted, tortured and confused the core of your being, the heart rises to give breath to its fire. Because wild is the heart.

This chapbook is also available at a fabulous boutique catering to young Hollywood called Shoprumor

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