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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tackling Joblessness in Practical and Spiritual Ways

Title: Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go

Author: Marietta Taylor
Author's website link:
Genre: Inspirational, Devotional
ISBN: 1-934626-13-9

Originally reviewed for Breathe Again Magazine by Adrienne Adams

Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go Positive: Advice for a Negative Situation is a 31-day devotional that provides encouragement and practical advice to women who are facing the effects of either their own or their spouses’ unemployment.
This is not a Pollyanna devotional. It tackles the specifics of day to day living through tough issues, such as handling anger, finding new ways to generate cash flow, and preparing for an extended job search.
When Marietta Taylor and her husband relocated from Chicago, Illinois to Raleigh, North Carolina, they encountered a life-changing surprise. With two young daughters in tow, their move was dependent upon both their incomes. While Marietta began work as planned, Rick’s promise of a job transfer fell through. Feelings of excited anticipation quickly gave way to panic, uncertainty, and fear of the struggles to come.

As the lady of the house, Taylor begins the astounding task of working a full-time job, getting her daughters adjusted to their new school, and helping her husband to start from scratch, piecing together a resume, scouring employment listings, and going on job interviews.
Marietta Taylor’s book, “Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go,” is a devotional that reads like an e-mail from a friend. She is candid, smart, and funny. She reveals to you the things that most people wouldn’t, just so you can learn from her experiences. Each chapter has a scriptural reference and a prayer focus that condition you to hold on to the Lord’s promises and obey His Word, even as the storm of circumstances make you a little unsteady.
“Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go,” offers tips on thankfulness (Taylor’s family challenged themselves to find a ‘silver lining’ during the worst days), frugality and money-making (She never shopped without a coupon and sold to consignment shops for extra cash), and keeping a consistent relationship with God (She says that prayer is like anti-itch cream…re-apply as needed.)
The emotions and obstacles brought about by unemployment are some that many of us face each day in different situations. There is debt, marital discord, and the tough job of trying to meet the needs of everyone in the family. I would recommend this devotional to any woman who manages a household.
Taylor shows us that we can live, love, and laugh through our issues, and make the best possible decisions, while we trust God to lead us out of them.
Read an excerpt of “Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go” at . Get your copy at .

Reviewer Adrienne Adams is president of the Write Vision Group, .

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Janet Ann Collins said...

I'm amazed that Marietta was able to write a book while dealing with everything else. It would be a wonderful gift book for people who can't afford to buy it for themselves.

kathy stemke said...

Marietta's book is a must for those who have lost their job or are struggling with price increases. hey that's just about everyone.

Best wishes.

Mari said...

A big thank you to Carolyn for posting this review. The books topic is still relevant today!

Darcia Helle said...

Given our economic conditions, I'm sure this book will bring comfort to a lot of people.

Karen Cioffi said...

Mari, your book is such a great resource for those struggling through today's economic downturn. I wish you much success with it.