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Monday, September 26, 2011

Debut Novel Gets Solid Five Stars from Steve Spencer

"A Ripple in Time" - Angel of the Titanic.
Julia Hughes
Website: A Ripple in Time
No ISBN indie/self published.
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Available for Kindle

Reviewed by
Steve Spencer , originally for Amazon. A 5-Star Review.

With "Angel," Ms. Hughes didn't quite knock it out of the park. She did, however, bang the ball into the gap for an easy stand-up triple--and for that, she deserves every one of the five stars I'm giving her. (She's British, so I hope she'll forgive the baseball analogy. I guess the cricket equivalent would be hitting a "four" instead of a "six.")

Time travel's been done before; so has the Titanic; so have Merlin and Excalibur--but to put it all together and make it work demonstrates artistry of a high order. I won't give away the added twist, except to say that it pushed me out of 4 stars and into 5. I think you'll like it, too.

For American readers, the British punctuation may be disconcerting in places (I don't know what their rules are). Also, "its" and "it's" are reversed throughout, and there are one or two historical solecisms (Stonehenge was not one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, the ancient Greeks having never seen the place); but none of that detracts appreciably from the story, and I can recommend "Angel of the Titanic" to you wholeheartedly. "

~A Ripple in Time is Hughes debut novel.

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Alexander said...

Great review! I`m reading this for sure!