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Thursday, September 15, 2011

World War II Fiction Reviewed

TITLE: 1106 Grand Boulevard
AUTHOR: Betty Dravis
PUBLISHER: Canterbury House Publishing, Ltd.,
PRICE: Kindle $4.99 (US), £3.58
PAGES: 312
ASIN: B00564TQ28

Reviews by Deb Hockenberry
Let’s travel back in time to the 1930’s. It’s evening and an argument has just broken and Billie Jean accidentally gets shot in the shoulder by her husband, Cal. Running for her life she hides from her husband in the bushes. Naturally, she goes back to her childhood home…1106 Grand Boulevard. This is one woman’s story of her search for true love during and after the turbulent World War II years.
At her childhood home, she is welcomed with open arms by her family. Naturally, her parents admit her to the hospital where the doctors repair her shoulder.
Now that sixteen-year-old Billie Jean is married, can she stay at her childhood home or will her stern mother make her go back to her manic husband?
Aunt Tommie enters the story here. She believes in marrying rich and having the best of everything. She takes Billie Jean to Arizona to live with her and her uncle. Billie Jean is schooled in the proper way to get a rich husband. Aunt Tommie teaches her how to walk, talk and behave like a lady around the ‘right’ people. At her coming out party, Billie meets a handsome man in his twenties named Jackson. Of course, Jackson is struck by Billie Jean’s beauty and wants to marry her.
By this time, Billie Jean is used to the high life and the attention shown to her by men. She flits from man to man searching for someone who can take Cal’s place. She marries several of these men. Each time she marries, Billie Jean is sure she is in love. But is she?
Six times she goes home to 1106 Grand Boulevard where her sister helps her drown her sorrows by going shopping. She goes back to 1106 Grand Boulevard each time a husband dies or when Billie Jean goes through a divorce. Once she went back when her then husband went off to fight in World War II. Will there be a seventh homecoming for Billie? Will Billie Jean ever find true love or will she keep flitting from man to man like a bee flits from flower to flower?
There are a couple of ways to find out more about the author of this love story. You can go to Ms. Dravis’ website at: and click on the ‘Bio’ tab. You can also surf here to read more about her:
You can find out more about 1106 Grand Boulevard by going to her website at: Just click on the ‘Books and Stories’ tab.
You can pick up this excellent e-book at several places. Among them are Amazon (US) (click on the widget in this column) and Amazon (UK) Go to the kindle store at Amazon to find this story of life during the World War II era. You can also find it at Smashwords and at Barnes & Noble for the Nook

Reviewed by Deb Hockenberry
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