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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Award-Winning Author Reviews Killing the Cancer Beast

Killing the Cancer Beast
By Maria D.Georga
Genre: Nonfiction/Holistic Health
Available at and Amazon

Mini Synopsis: The real story of a woman who was left with no hope after she was diagnosed with Cancer. An actual fight of her and her family with the only weapons which were left to them: love, strong will and a belief that God should have thought of an antidote before humans would.

Reviewed by Shirley Cheng, Award-Winning Author

Imagine that, during surgery, doctors unexpectedly discovered a
malignant tumor in the person closest to your heart. Would you give way
to bitter resentment, or would you look the cancer straight in the eye
and challenge a fight? Maria D. Georga chose the latter route and took
matters into her own hands when her mother Angela was diagnosed with
not only a very aggressive type of cancer but also at the worst stage.
"Killing the Cancer Beast" is the true story of Maria's journey of
helping win her mother's battle alongside her. Written in a
no-nonsense, easy-to-read style, this short book demonstrates that
nature's medicines not only cure the patient but the caregivers as
well. What are those natural ingredients? They come in both tangible
and intangible elements: God-gifted strength, determination, a positive
attitude, but more so a strong love for her mother, were the intangible
components that helped Maria cope during their difficult time. The
tangible medicines lie in the plants God abundantly supplies us, yet
many are ignorant of their values. For example, did you know that
Vitamin B17, apricot seeds, and intravenously injected Vitamin C can
have the same effects of chemotherapy without the adversity? And did
you know that millet contains all the essential amino acids required to
sustain our life?

"Killing the Cancer Beast" is not simply a
heartwarming story of a stranger, but it is more so a gentle guide that
can lead you and your loved ones to a better life.
No, it does not
guarantee treatments nor is it a replacement to professional medical
advice, but it will open doors you may not otherwise open without
reading it. Life is a giant school with countless opportunities to
learn, but we can not learn everything from only one class--we need to
attend as many classes as we can in order to learn as much as possible,
and this book is just one of those many classes. Why not sign up for
this class to learn something new today that may help someone tomorrow?

Reviewer Shirley Cheng is a blind and physically disable multi award-winning author and motivational speaker. Learn more about her at She is nine-time winner of the Parent to Paren Adding Wisdom award and advocate board member of World Positive Thinkers Club.

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Before I read a book, I search for a Book Review for it. I have been disappointed too many times to leave it to chance.