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Friday, October 21, 2011

Deb Hockenberry Reviews Young Adult Novel

TITLE: The Story Of Don Luis
AUTHOR: Stuart G. Yates
PUBLISHER: Triskaideka Books
FORMAT: E-book
PRICE: $2.99 (US), £2.14 (UK),
ASIN: B00584P5MG
GENRE: Young Adult Fiction

Fourteen – year - old Luis has so many problems in his young life. His father marched off to war only to be murdered. Luis is left as the man of the house caring for his sick mother and younger sister. Each day, he rises earlier than anyone else in his household to go to his job of delivering bread to people that can afford it. Upon returning home, Luis feeds his family breakfast of bread and some water that he carries from the village well each day. But Luis has the determination not to live in poverty for the rest of his life. So, Luis is being educated by Senor Martinez. Everyday, he’s bullied on his way to Senor Martinez’ house by the other boys in his village.

 This reviewer liked The Story Of Don Luis and would recommend it to any young adult who’s interested in history. Even though this is fiction, this is a well – written ebook. It’s very detailed and shows what life is like in a small Spanish village in the 1600’s. It shows the everyday struggles and prejudices that people faced everyday back then.The author created characters so well that I could see them in my minds’ eye. He paints pictures with his words so that you can see the furniture, houses and even the kitchen utensils! I have reviewed the author before and this was a very different kind of book than he usually writes. He usually writes historical paranormal mysteries for young adults which are historical but much more action – packed and mysterious. Personally, I like his historical paranormal mysteries better but that’s just my own taste.

If you would like to find out more about Mr. Yates just surf to Maybe you would like to read more about The Story Of Don Luis. If you do, please visit If you would like to buy this ebook, you can pick it up at or Or if you prefer you can go to to pick up The Story Of Don Luis.

~Reviewer Deb Hockenberry is the author of The Bumpy Road To Writing For Children  Find her at Deb's Book Nook
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