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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sci-Fi/Romance Available as Free E-Book on Some Sites

Title: Surviving the Fog
Author: Stan Morris
Author's Web site:
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Where this review was published:
Publisher: Stan Morris
Reviewer's rating: four stars
Available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes
Reviewed by Sam Ecowitch, originally for
I was strangely taken by this book, despite it appearing like (and me kind of expecting) a post-apocalyptic/end of the world story when it really isn't. This follows the fortunes of a group of young teens as they try to survive following the appearance of a strange and deadly fog that has covered much of the planet (it can't go above a certain altitude) that has resulted in the 'disappearance' of the adults that run the camp. Ultimately this is a story of survival and of how, given the right leadership and tools, even the youngest can survive the most extreme situations. The writing was descriptive and engaging and created the right mix of tension, fear, hope and optimism to give credence to the work and the possibility that kids really could do this. But some of the more difficult situations and how they're resolved didn't quite sit right given what we know about the kids present. They not at a survival training or outdoor activity camp, it is in fact a sexual abstinence and education camp so the fact that every kid/teen present is able to use spears, bow and arrow, hunt etc to some extent does at times seems a little stretched at times (especially when taking on 'bad men'). However this does not detract from the story too much as Morris' writing makes it somehow okay, acceptable and strangely believable."

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