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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Radio Host Reviews Christian Book


Subtitle:  How God Pursued Me and Found Me. An Impossible Love Story
Publisher: CROSS BOOKS Publishing/Lifeway
Author: Samantha Ryan Chandler
Genre: Christian Non Fiction
Paperback 90 pages. Published February 25, 2011
Price: U.S. 11.95
ISBN 978-1-6150-7761-8 (dj) and 978-1-6150-7758-8 (sc)

Reviewed by Salvadore DeBasco, book critic

“In A LOVE STORY: How God Pursued Me and Found Me. An Impossible True Story {CROSS BOOKS Publishing/Lifeway, 2011} Samantha Ryan Chandler opens her heart and shares how she was led to the Lord. Hers is a chilling (deeply moving) and encouraging testimony a how God changed her life


And while what transpired in her life might sound familiar that is what is compelling about how Chandler opens readers into her thoughts along the way.
A LOVE STORY: How God Pursued Me and Found Me. An Impossible True Story shows how scriptures affected author Samantha Ryan Chandler’s life and the unlikely events to her writing this book as a testimony about her relationship with Our Lord God Almighty. Her outlook on life, death, God, Jesus, Satan and more evokes one to wonder and be wide eyed about the significance of how the stories in the Bible and how we apply them in our Christian lives.

As all children of God no matter what age, we are reminder that childhoods are fragile and how we influence each other is not to be taken lightly. The fabric of familial relationships, attention to ones upbringing and a tone that we are not alone in God’s care, all come above in this authentic story about perseverance, trust in God, and how ordinary people are called upon to bring forth extraordinary movements in others’ lives at times when they think they are the most down and out.

What resonated with me about A LOVE STORY: How God Pursued Me and Found Me. An Impossible True Story is how Chandler took the time to capture what she learned and how she describes the wonderment of God’s greatness. At first, to Chandler, the lofty calling of her writing a book about her experience seemed a novelty, but readers learn how the value of the message became forefront in her thinking. After I read this love story, I saw A LOVE STORY: How God Pursued Me and Found Me. An Impossible True Story as Chandler’s story about how she came to love God as an utmost value in life.

To me there is no more refreshing random testimony than when someone first realizes the awesome power God has in our lives and how to harness the excitement, humility along with gratitude resulting thereof, and reverence with the action of falling to one’s knees in wonderment of how one person could be worthy of being touched so deeply. Regardless of whether the right words were used, the naivety about God’s glory, the part about God’s grace that makes us cry, all that is what comes across in how this book’s message has haunted me (in a good way) the past eight months since reading it. And while I can’t predict it will do the same for all readers, I know that one person at a time God’s love is shared through his-story (of which this book is in-part).”
~Learn more about reviewer Salvador SeBasco:
Book Critic
Literary Director
Host of THE INSIDE VIEW SHOWTM –Christian Radio–
on staff with CNN affiliate station, KNLE
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