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Thursday, July 12, 2012


An Authors Helping Authors Project/Contest

A Smile Goes a Long Way


Pauline Hager

Great visual depiction of all the different applications of the SMILE. It was great to observe every situation and compare our own travels. It brought to mind my favorite quote by Anne Frank. “Happy people make others happy!” The smile is a wonderful free tool that so many forget to employ. Great story of compassion and appreciation for others. Thanks for sharing.
Cecile M. Bell: free lance writer
Tales2Inspire™ author of: Don’t Worry Mom

This wonderful tale by Pauline Hager reminds us of the power and beauty in a simple smile. She reminds us, through her travels, that smiles are all around the world—even in the worst of situations. Just reading her story has made me want to smile more and complain less, for as she writes, a smile is contagious and has the rippling effect of a pebble tossed into a pond.
Micki Peluso: reviewer, journalist and author
Tales2Inspire™ author of the 'tale': A Magical Meditation Garden

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A Magical Meditation Garden


Micki Peluso

This is a beautiful model for those who want to meditate but aren't sure how to start ... 
Terry Crawford Palardy

Absolutely beautiful and I am so there with you! I do much the same thing for my meditation, but I've never thought of including animals and I love that idea.  . . . “
I loved this. I really do get into my garden and walk and think. I have a labyrinth and deer and a white duck. Wishing you well. -
Beautiful! . . .  It is so great to have these concrete, soothing things to think about while meditating.
Blogger: The Winning Life

Micki’s description here is so beautiful and lyrical and I relate to the spirituality coming out of such tragedy. The writing is wonderful.
Shirley Ann Parker, author
To meet Micki and learn more about her tale, click here.

Stepping In Today


Laura Vomos
Great story with a most impactful last paragraph. The story leaves me hanging, which is a good thing, of what the future may hold and wondering whether something like this can turn others into Christmas Elves. 
Luke Potter
Tales2Inspire™ author of: My Life in the Country

To meet Laura and learn more about her tale, click here.

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