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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time Machine Troopers
By Hal Colebatch
Sequel to H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.
Genre: Science fiction
ISBN: 978-1-4475-6091-3
Originally reviewed on Amazon
5 stars out of 5
Publisher: Acashic (2011)
Time Machine Troopers by Hal Colebatch

I enjoyed Time Machine Troopers. It took up where H. G. Wells' book, The Time Mchine, left off. Actually, it delved deeper into the hero's mind as he worked his way through the despair of losing Weena and deciding to do something about the Morlocks and the Eloi. Choosing a companion was an interesting process as he considered such possibilites as Churchill, General Gordon, and even Wells. Major-General Baden-Powell, the Hero of Mafeking, was perfect. (He accomplished a lot later in his life also.) And deciding what supplies, including weapons, to take--being limited in space--was challenging. Baden-Powell helped a lot with that--and other things.

This story is a rousing adventure, while at the same time taking a look at history and choices with fascinating background and literary references. Fighting Morlocks and training Eloi wasn't easy. It's a good thing he had back-up. And some assumptions he had made turned out to be wrong... I can't say more and spoil your enjoyment of the story, but it is imaginative, well-written, full of twists and turns and setbacks and the carnage of war. Highly recommended. This is a classic. And one of the best sequels to any story I've ever read.

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