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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Tour Includes Life with Mr. America

What's it like behind closed doors with Mr. America?
Step into the world of Lindy Tefft. Being raised by controlling parents that demanded perfection, she thought she was getting “Mr. Perfect” when she married body building superstar Greg Tefft. She soon found herself immersed in a world of duplicity, all-consuming competitiveness, violence, and greed. Her life was a roller-coaster of physical abuse and financial ruin. She crawled through a tunnel of terror she thought would never end and was forced to reach into the depths of her soul and finally break free. Lindy finds peace beyond the illusion of fame and riches. and offers an insightful hand-up to others facing the aftermath of abuse and despair.
Don’t miss this riveting, inspirational true story of personal redemption beyond trauma.


"This is an extraordinary story of personal courage and ultimate triumph over some of humanity's obstacles and betrayals. To take this journey with Lindy - who withholds nothing - is sometimes harrowing, sometimes absurd, sometimes incomprehensibly mean...but ultimately wonderful as we walk with her through too many years of living in the darkness of fear and finally emerging into the sunshine of enlightenment, joy, and freedom. It is a truly remarkable story of our times and our culture." Jeff Rense, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Jeff Rense Radio Program

"Lindy Tefft's book is simply a literary jewel. It brings an electrifying charge of spirituality that empowers women to break out of the enclaves of silence. The author's revealing life, marked almost since birth by the hand of abuse, shows us how fragile we all can be when faced with fear. Her decisive struggled against domestic violence represents a shining light at the end of the tunnel and hope for all of humans." Salomon Gill, Move Producer

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