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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veteran Crime Writers Releases Funny New Novel

Title: Who’s Got the Money?
Authors: Morgan St. James and Meredith Holland
Genre: Funny Crime Caper
ISBN  978-1610091190
Available in Paperback and Kindle in all Amazon markets, most online booksellers or order from your favorite bookstore.


Fun, fast mystery about three women who uncover a massive government embezzlement scheme

With $800 Million worth of products produced in federal prisons every year, the opportunity to embezzle millions was ripe. By the way, Federal prison factories really do produce that much each year, and about $600 Million is furniture.

Authors Morgan St. James and Meredith Holland both know first-hand. They were marketing reps for the real government corporation that maintains manufacturing plants on the grounds of nearly one-hundred Federal prisons across the country . During Morgan’s last year with them, she sold Eight Million Dollars worth of furniture to the Federal government, and Meredith sold slightly less. Their experiences and escapades during a four-year period inspired this comical fictional plot.

By the way, Joaquin “Jack” Garcia, a former FBI undercover agent and Best-Selling New York Times author, said their plot really could have worked. He added, “Good thing they’re not crooks.” Other reviewers commented on the clever use of this little-known industry that most people don’t know exists.

After losing her job and all her money, this fast-paced caper finds Jennifer Hayes accepting a job as the Controller for the furniture manufacturing division of Federal Association of Correctional Reform which is actually the fictional Federal prison system.

After several months, substantial bonus checks are due but when the time comes to be paid there is one excuse after another and none of them make sense. Jennifer and her new friends, marketing representatives Kate Mills and Cameron Harsen, suspect something is afoot. They are angry and determined to find out what happened to missing bonus money. Like amateur Charlie’s Angels they plunge in their own ambitious undercover investigation fraught with backfires and near-misses.

However, despite the challenges, what they discover is shocking evidence of something so much bigger than missing bonus checksa  clever multimillion dollar embezzlement plot right under the Feds noses. Who masterminded the scam and how did they do it?

Every time you think you’ve figured it out, something else pops up. This funny crime caper will keep you on your toes as you navigate the twists and turns.

The companion piece is the Kindle only prequel, novelette Getting Even. How did Jennifer get even with the young lover who stole her heart and her money? His betrayal was one of the factors that pushed her into accepting a job with the prison system and you don’t want to tangle with a scorned “cougar.”Amazon


4 Star  WELL WORTH THE MONEY  S. Carpenter

Jennifer Hayes finds herself up to her pretty neck in danger and intrigue when she discovers fraud running rampant in her new job. She and her girlfriends start sleuthing undercover to get the goods on the crooks in this clever, light-hearted romp. St. James and Holland spin a witty tale full of sexy guys, great food, chocolate, and a scheme to steal millions. Here's hoping for another caper with Jennifer and her resourceful gal pals.

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