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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hellandback Is Award-Winning Book for Kids

Title: Hellandback Kids
Subtitle: Be Careful What You Wish For
By LL Helland
ISBN 978-1534852187
Genre: Children's/Middle Grade
Available on Amazon at
Winner of The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award,
The Mom's Choice Award,
Royal Dragonfly Award

Reviewed by Krista originally for  Cubicle Blindness the four Hellandback kids visit their great-grandmother in a strange Scottish hospital, they unknowingly fall into a series of bizarre adventures in an alternate reality. With only their own ingenuity, the Hellandback kids must rely on help from a mystic guide, unearthly creatures, and talking animals as they encounter the black plague, deformed beings, a life sucking immortal, and a long trek from exile. Throughout their adventures, the Hellandback kids learn valuable life lessons, and of course, to be careful what they wish for.

Summer vacation is coming to an end, and the Hellandback kids are off to Scotland. After finding a very long and curious toenail in Chris' room, his father decides it's time they should go get acquainted with their great grandmother.
Upon arriving they discover that she is living in an old Hospital and she's not alone. Each child is eventually sent to separate points in time where the only way to return home is to overcome their own weaknesses and overpower the creatures they come across.

With the combination of a mythical guide and several variations of beings to help or deter their way. The Hellandback kids have to become stronger and bolder if they want to survive and return home again.

Each of the Hellandback kids have very different personalities and their trials use those to both support and hinder the struggles they have to endure. At first I was unsure if the story was going to take a more humorous turn or horror story. There were definitely moments of fun, both in dialogue and imaginative creatures. But there are some really tough situations and scary beings that come into play also. If your picking a book for a younger reader make sure they can handle that.

The fact that the children have to learn about life lessons and each experience their own array of battles. The reader can gain a lot of insight from these adventures as well, no matter the age. There are some pretty intense moments, but also those that made me smile and laugh a bit. My favorite character was Brittany, although they all will eventually show very caring and daring sides. Each have their own distinct personalities and their own battles to fight.

This read was definitely something different and unexpected. It makes you think and very enjoyable as well. It gives a whole new meaning to "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Learn more with these two Youtube videos: Kids

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