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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Consider Young Adult Novel by Denise Kim Wy

Title: Please Stay
Author: Denise Kim Wy
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Word Count: 54, 110
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Kymberly Gray is happy with her life. She graduated from her dream school and landed a great job in New York. She’s coming home to Northridge to celebrate her dad’s birthday, when a chance encounter with Ethan Richards turns her life upside down.

Seven years have passed, and as far as Kym is concerned, Ethan is happily dating her best friend, Michelle West. They haven’t seen each other ever since the night Ethan asked her the question that haunted her dreams as she left Northridge. Now, as fate decides to bring them together, bringing back bitter sweet memories as they visit the places that witnessed their evolution from childhood friends to awkward teens dealing with love, peer pressure and entering the real world. As the day draws to an end, the question remains, has Ethan already moved on, or is he still waiting for Kym’s real answer to his question?

Please Stay is a young adult romance novel filled the awkwardness of young love, regret and a surprise twist in the end.

~Learn more about Denise Kim Wy at She blogs at Follow her on Twitter @denisewy
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Federal Way Bankruptcy Attorney said...

I love this book. I thought it was going to end a happy ending. But it didn't. I cried reading this. Just want to say it was a good book.

Injury Attorney Anchorage said...

I have just finished reading this and I have to say that after my first thinking that it wasn't my kinda book I found myself actually enjoying it, although it may have been slightly more enjoyable if it didn't change from past to present and visa versa quite so much as I did get a tad confused at times but apart from that I thought it was a really good book.