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Monday, January 28, 2013

Incorrigible an "Excellent Debut Novel"

Title: Incorrigibility
Author: Rayme Michaels
Genre: Young Adult Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-105-46985-5

Reviewed by Amber L. Barr originally for Vampire and Immortal Books

"To truly appreciate the subtlety of Rayme Michaels's Incorrigibility, the reader must fully grasp the meaning of the title. To be incorrigible is to be especially set in bad habits to a point beyond redemption or reform. In the wicked comedy Incorrigibility, Mr. Michaels spins a tale that is crude, carnal, callous, and carefree. Mr. Michaels's writing style produces real-world twenty-something characters that leave the reader feeling he or she could have lived this novella at one time or another. Mr. Michaels' Incorrigibility makes the reader laugh, cringe, and maybe even want to slap a member of the opposite sex just for good measure. An excellent debut novella..." ~  Copyright 2012 with permission of Amber L. Barr

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