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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thought of PREtirement? This Book Will Help

Title: Ready for PREtirement
Subtitle: Everything You Need To Know Now So Your Money Is There When YOu Need It
Author: Kris Miller
Genre: Nonfiction/Finance/Business


“Ready For PREtirement: Everything You Need To Know NOW So Your Money Is There When You Need It is a comprehensive guide designed to help you plan for retirement NOW. Retirement planning can be scary, confusing and overwhelming, especially if you wait until you’re faced with a family medical emergency. It is during these unexpected situations that people often make foolish decisions because of the stress and pressure to make a quick choice.

But a little planning goes a long way. The worksheets and tools included in “Ready For PREtirement” make it easy to get started. Learn how to create a Living Will and a Living Trust. Designate Guardians for your young children and make sure that your family is cared for, even if you can’t be here to take care of them yourself.

While older people have pressing financial planning issues related to age and health, retirement planning isn’t just for Seniors. Author Kris Miller taps into her vast Estate Planning experience and explains why you should get started now – even in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

“Ready For PREtirement” is designed to offer – in easy-to-understand terms – an overview of all the financial decisions that everyone will need to make at some point in their lives. From writing a will to creating a trust, from the proper way to hold property to selecting low-risk investments, this book provides necessary financial guidance for everyone. For those who haven’t even started their PREtirement planning yet, “Ready For PREtirement,” will serve as the first step.

So get started and get “Ready For PREtirement.”

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