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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun and Educational Novel Set in Utah

Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys
By Janet Kay Jensen
Author: Janet Kay Jensen
Author's Web site:
Genre: literary fiction, cultural fiction
Publisher: Bonneville Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort
 Reviewed by Christopher C. Y. Loke, originally for Amazon
Janet's debut novel proves to be a brilliant piece of work with all its characters well depicted and its story masterfully crafted. One word of caution: Do not expect to be bored!

"Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys" is not your typical LDS/Christian romance; it is a piece of fiction that not only focuses on a wonderful plot and convincing characters, it is also a novel that finds victory in its use of words. Janet beautifully-composed sentences read poetically and are measured with intricate details and care. Although the relationship between the two lead characters is the driving force of the story, the real core of the novel lies in the underlying theme that continues to play masterfully between the lines--the true meaning of family, love, redemption and forgiveness. It is not a story about a group of Mormons; on the contrary, it is about a group of ordinary people who happen to be of the Mormon faith. Janet plays with her theme wittily, teasing the reader with traditional tales and urban myths about Mormons and polygamy. I will not expose the plot here for everyone; it will only take away the pleasure of your reading. Instead, I will tell you this: if this novel were to be a movie, it will definitely be Oscar-worthy. A literary fiction at its best, perhaps the best contemporary LDS fiction in years. I would read and reread a certain passage just to savor it before moving on to the next best passage. Janet is a promising writer who will undoubtedly break into the general market in no time. And this is a promise.
~Janet Kay Jensen is also the coauthor of  The Book Lover’s Cookbook
and author of Gabriel’s Daughters (Jolly Fish Press, 2013). The sequal or "Mormon Boys" will soon be available.

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