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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

World of Ink Tours Women's Novel

Title of Book: Gabriela and The Widow
Author: Jack Remick
Author Website:
Blog Address:
Twitter URL: @jackremick
Publisher: Coffeetown Press
ISBN Number: ISBN: 978-1-60381-147-7
Publication Date: January 15, 2013
Genre of Book: women’s literary fiction

Review provided by: World of Ink Network

About the Book:

Through the intimate bond of a companion and benefactor, Gabriela reconciles the painful experiences of her youth as she is reshaped by the Widow, La Viuda. Together, day after day, night after night, La Viuda immerses Gabriela in lists, boxes, places, times, objects, photos, and stories, captivating and life-changing stories. It seems Gabriela is not just hired to cook and clean; she has been chosen to curate La Viuda’s mementos while taking care of the old woman’s failing health. “As you grow thick, I grow thin,” says the widow, portending the secret of immortality that will overtake both women.

Gabriela and The Widow is the story of Gabriela, a 19 year old Mexican woman who migrates north (to El Norte) where she meets a dying 92 year old woman, The Widow. The novel is their story.

What Reviewers Are Saying About the Book:

Each character in the story feels real, even the ones we only meet for a short time. You can hear, see and feel them moving about as Gabriela slowly finds her way, both in life and internally. You will feel the deepness of this young girl and her desire to find a place to call home. A safe place she can finally put down roots and build a future. The widow also has deepness to her. She draws you in and as this happens, you feel her arms encircling you, comforting you just as a grandmother would. However, you can feel through this wisdom a sadness. Maybe it is her desire to pass down her life, strength and memories...or maybe it is a slight weakness knowing her life is coming to the end. I really can't say as each reader will see and feel something different depending on their own life's journey. ~The Writing Mama (

Although some might not enjoy this story, the reader would be lax if he or she could not acknowledge the skill and talent of the author in weaving this complex story in such a direct and graphic way. It is a master tale by a master talent. ~Terri Forehand (

Faces in the mirror might deceit us all, as the distortions are many and the exaggerations great when viewing and image from different angles. Life is a deception, we all endure pain, degradation at times but the unbreakable bond between these two women will endure. Two women caught up in their own final journeys in different ways in order to find a new path in life. ~Fran Lewis (

About the Author:

Jack Remick is a poet, short story writer, and novelist. In 2012, Coffeetown Press published the first two volumes of Jack’s California Quartet series, The Deification and Valley Boy. The final two volumes will be released in 2013: The Book of Changes and Trio of Lost Souls. Blood, A Novel was published by Camel Press, an imprint of Coffeetown Press, in 2011. You can find Jack online at

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Virginia S Grenier said...

Thank you for sharing about Jack Remick's amazing book Gabriela and the Widow. I really enjoyed this novel and it is one I'll read again.

Jack said...

Hello Carolyn: Thank you for finding room to post this info about Gabriela and The Widow. I do appreciate it.