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Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Satircal Novel Has Fun with Baseball

Strike Five
By Aaron T Knight
ISBN-13: 978-1478303275  ISBN-10: 1478303271 
Genre: Humor / Satire / Sports
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Available for Kindle
Reviewed by George Smith, originally for Amazon

Be careful what you wish for. Your dream might come true. This is a humorous story about Chad Smith who had his greatest hope fulfilled but with results he could never have imagined. His ambition was to play ball in the Major League. Only one thing held him back from playing professional baseball in the majors. Through a freak accident this shortcoming is removed but the transformation leads to an unorthodox style of play. His success arouses a number of emotions in the other players, team managers and owners of the baseball teams. He is swept away into a beehive of  contraversy.
There's an old saying that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride free. Translating that metaphor into the world of professional baseball, the author crafts a unique and genuinely hilarious sports novel in which it is clear almost from the get go that you should expect the unexpected.

Some achieve sports proficiency through hard work or innate talent. Others arrive as the result of a fluke. When our protagonist's twist of fate renders him a valuable commercial property, albeit a controversial one, many merely want to exploit him for immediate gain, while others believe that accepting a highly unorthodox road to fame and victory may come at the expense of the heart and soul of the sport.

This is a great fantasy for every sports fan who harbors just a little bit of Walter Mitty deep down inside them. It can be fun to play "what if?" when the consequences are entirely fictional. Three strikes and you're out of the real game, of course. But in our dreams and aspirations, we all long for a second chance, another at bat, that extra inning before it's time to go home.

Every sports fan who has contemplated going beyond being a mere spectator will identify with some of the fully formed characters in this devilishly clever story. The story unfolds in a rollicking manner which enables the reader to visualize making their dreams come true, stepping up to the plate, and slugging the ball out of the park. I couldn't wait to see how it ended, and, in a way, I am sorry that it did! That's a clear indication of a fully realized book in which both the characters and circumstances have truly come alive.
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