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Nine Fold Heaven: New Historial Fiction on Tour

Title – Nine Fold Heaven       
Author – Mingmei Yip
Author's website link – http://www.mingmeiyip.com  
Genre or category – Suspense, historic fiction
ISBN – 978-0758273543

In this mesmerizing new novel, Mingmei Yip draw readers deeper into the exotic world of 1930s Shanghai first explored in Skeleton Women and into the lives of the unforgettable singer-spy Camilla, the magician Shadow, and the gossip columnist Rainbow Chang.

The Nine Fold Heaven is the story of an ex spy and nightclub singer who undertakes an emotional and dangerous journey to reunite with her lost lovers and the baby she was told was stillborn, and to discover the secret of her parents’ murder. 

Click here to read the prologue and first chapter:

About Mingmei Yip

Mingmei Yip has been writing and publishing since she was fourteen years old and now she has twelve books to her credit. Her five novels are published by Kensington Books and her two children’s books are published by Tuttle Publishing.

Mingmei’s new novel is The Nine Fold Heaven (2013), the story of an ex spy and nightclub singer who undertakes an emotional and dangerous journey to reunite with her lost lover and the baby she was told was stillborn, and to discover the secret of her parents’ murder.

Mingmei’s fourth novel is Skeleton Women (2012), a story about a singer spy, a magician, and a gossip columnist scheming to survive the gang wars in lawless 1930ies Shanghai.

Her other four novels are equally exciting:

Song of the Silk Road, (2011) is a romantic adventure on China’s legendary ancient trade route with the lure of a three million dollar reward.

Petals from the Sky, (2010) is a Buddhist love story about a woman who tries to escape her dysfunctional family only to find she’s been running away from her heart.

Peach Blossom Pavilion (2008) her first novel, is the story of the last prestitous musician-courtesan of China, received numerous favorable reviews and is now in its fifth printing.

Mingmei is also the author and illustrator of Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories (2005) and Grandma Panda’s China Storybook, (2013).

Mingmei is also a renowned qin (ancient string instrument) musician, calligrapher and painter. In Hong Kong, she was a columnist for seven major newspapers. She has appeared on over sixty TV and radio programs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the US.

Visit Mingmei at: www.mingmeiyip.com

Comments about Nine Fold Heaven from Amazon –

 The latest book from author Mingmei Yip takes the reader on an epic journey -- both emotional and geographically. The Nine Fold Heaven is the story of a young Chinese woman, Camilla who is taken from an orphanage at the age of four, and forced to work for one of the worst gangs in Shanghai. Not that she has a bad life with them. In exchange for her various "services" to the gang, from sexual favors to singing entertainment to assassinations, she is well taken care of, as least in material objects. Her emotional life however, has been completely deprived and suffocated.


The prose and the description of the setting lends an authenticity to the story that made it feel like a real history to me. I was intrigued by the comparisons between Chinese culture and American culture (although this was in the 30s) and there are both positives and negatives to both in my opinion. The clashes between opposing viewpoints in politics and religion gave more dimension to the characters and created a thought-provoking larger conflict than just what Camilla was going through. But the most important thing, especially in historical fiction, is for the setting to feel realistic and I felt like the streets of Thirties Hong Kong and Shanghai were brought to life in this book.


Camilla is a noir heroine who readers will love to hate or hate to love. The author makes it clear she's a product of her environment and never apologizes for her behavior which she shouldn't. The narrative is colorful and an exotic mix of cultures and traditions and will bring the sounds and flavors of a troubled lawless past society to life. 

 Reviews for Mingmei Yip books -  

 Skeleton Women  “A guilty pleasure....enjoy the exotic location and characters.... This is a large, luscious box of chocolates. Go on. You know you want to." -- RTBook 4 star Review

Song of the Silk Road  “Lively…fascinating…filled with unique companions, unforeseen dangers, unexpected joys, and bitter sorrows…” -- Publisher’s Weekly

Petals from the Sky  “Strong…powerful…emotional…vivid…poignant…” -- Coffee Time Romamce

Peach Blossom Pavilion “Engrossing…atmospheric tale…fantastical escape!” – Honolulu Advertiser

 If you like strong women in exotic locations and like to learn about new people, places and times – Nine Fold Heaven is a must read.

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