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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Self-Help Awareness Guidebook Offered by Janet Nestor

Title:  Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self Care: A Living in Balance
Guide and Workbook
Author:  Janet Nestor
Author Website:
Publisher: Balboa Press (November 29, 2012)
Twitter: @janetnestor
Genre: Self help/wellness

Reviewed by Teresa Morrow originally for Amazon

In this book, author Janet Nestor brings to the reader a simple overall and balanced approach to the subjects of wellness and self care. Having been through some trying and overwhelming times in the past couple of years (and I'm sure I'm not the only one)I learned the hard way about the true important of self care and wellness for ourselves. It's truly hard to help a loved one when you don't take care of what your own mind body and spirit need. In her book, Janet offers a guidebook that takes the reader though different things that can help you incorporate self care and wellness into your life.


Janet's career has been varied, yet all aspects seem to complement each other. She first studied sociology and psychology with the intent of becoming a LCSW working with troubled, institutionalized teens. Instead, to complete her undergraduate internship, she began to teach special needs elementary students, and then continued doing so for the next several years. Janet worked as a graduate assistant at James Madison University while she studied Diagnostic Prescriptive education and then spent several years in public school resource rooms and later independent schools for autistic like, behaviorally challenged adolescents. Janet worked at Wake Forest University in Athletic Academic Counseling as a support professional and learning specialist, a job she truly enjoyed.  While working at Wake Forest University, she began part-time work at Prodigals Community, a residential program for chronic addiction recovery.  Janet directed their GED program for residents completing their high school requirements and also directed their family support programming. During these busy years she became a reiki master teacher and etheric healer. Her heart was already leading her in another direction and soon after leaving Prodigals Community she began graduate school (again), this time in mental health counseling. The rest is history. In 1999 she began her private counseling practice and continued with clients until February 2012 when she moved to Missouri and
then to Annapolis, Maryland.  Today her career is divided between writing, workshops, and the wonderful people who work with her via Skype and telephone. She has clients from all over the United States, concentrating on personal empowerment and positive living via various Energy Psychology techniques, Mindful Lifestyle Training, Soul Detective work, energy healing and cognitive and insight oriented discussions. As a therapist she specializes in Trauma, Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Women’s Issues, Stress Reduction, and Chronic Physical Illness. Janet also has spent two wonderful years writing articles for Sibyl E-zine for women and currently contributes to Aspire magazine; Flourish Over 50, a website for women; as an expert in Positive Psychology; and beginning a relationship with IBoomer, a website for baby boomers.


Teresa Morrow is also known as The Author's Cheerleader, Promotion Manager for Spiritual Authors & Speakers and author of Life Lessons from the Heart available on Smashwords and  DISOWNED: A Journey of Transformation from Abandonment to Healing, available as an e-book on Amazon. Learn more about her at
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1 comment:

Janet Nestor said...

I am very pleased my book Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care is part of this site, and I thank Teresa Morrow for her review and The Book Review for positing it!

Warm Smiles,