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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dr. Bob Rich's Award-Winning Sci-Fi Reviewed

TITLE Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance
AUTHOR Bob Rich http://bobswriting.com/ascending.html
AWARD WINNER: Carolyn's Noble Award for 2013 (sponsored by MyShelf.com Back To Literature column)
GENRE Inspirational fiction + historical adventure + science fiction :)
ISBN 978-1-61599-186-0

Review by Florence Weinberg originally for Bobbing Around newsletter

Bob Rich’s remarkable novel is a valiant, vivid, at times brilliant attempt to solve the puzzle of the human animal. Consisting of gripping, interconnected narratives of the many lives of Pip Lipkin, the novel retells, in a most original way, the myth of Original Sin and the possibility of redemption. We humans have a broad streak of greed, malice, and willful destruction within us. “Humanity is a toddler” we are told, and our two dominant words are NO! and Mine! Nietzsche recognized this and called it the Will to Power, present in all life forms, all of us striving to grow by devouring the Other—only in the case of human beings, the Other is planet Earth. The lesson of the novel/primer/metaphor/parable is that we alone, among the interconnected species that make up the living surface of this ball of energy that is Earth, are capable of recognizing the final and horrific result of No! and Mine! We alone can curb our primitive impulses and learn to love unselfishly. Unlike Nietzsche, Bob is an optimist. He shouts a warning: We must and can act to halt the destruction of our Earth. Pip/Bob is a very old soul who has learned to heal with love, to build rather than devour. But what to do about the exploitative and destructive youngsters, “toddler souls” like Bob’s Vikings, his English in Ireland and Australia, his Mr. McQuade, our own entrepreneurs? Teach love. Give, not Gimme. Bravo, Bob! May you draw many readers, and may they join the healing effort!
A native of Alamogordo, New Mexico, Florence Byham Weinberg traveled extensively with her military family during World War II. Travels continued after marriage to scholar-critic Kurt Weinberg in Canada, France, Spain, and Germany. After earning her PhD, she taught for twenty-two years at St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, and ten at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of "Anselm: a metamorphosis"
Dr Bob Rich
MY BEST BOOK: http://bobswriting.com/ascending.html
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