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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Readers' Favorite Reviews Legal Thriller

False Prophet, a Legal Thrillerby Jeff RasleyAuthor's Web site: http://www.jeffreyrasley.com

Genre: Legal thriller, mystery
ISBN 978-1-4524-1027-2
ASIN for Kindle: B005ECBYAE
Buy link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ECBYAE

Reviewed by Ray Simmons  originally for Readers' Favorite
5-Star Rating

False Prophet, A Legal Thriller is the story of a defamation lawsuit brought against a big newspaper by a charismatic African-American minister in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is also the story of Jack Ross and his struggle to save his marriage, save his struggling partnership and most of all, save his idealism and belief in justice after working too long in a legal system he doesn't believe in anymore. Jeff Rasley has created a very likable and credible character in Jack Ross, someone who fights for the underdog while actually being something of an underdog himself. Jack's most redeeming qualities are his strength and determination, something nurtured during years of high school athletics, and his loyalty, demonstrated by his walking away from the largest and most prestigious law firm in the state in support of his best friend.

Jeff Rasley's novel is as good as anything written in this particular genre and better than most. He takes his time developing his plot and setting up the situation. There is a compelling sub-plot - Jack's threatened marriage - which is woven alongside the lawsuit and dispersed in timely increments that complement the main thread of the novel. The politics, greed, and ruthlessness of those in the top tiers of society in modern day Indianapolis ring true. The strengths and frailties of the characters are subtly but effectively portrayed and the portrait of our legal system in action is vividly rendered. This is a legal thriller indeed and I eagerly await the next one by Jeff Rasley.
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