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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Novel Explores Dysfuntionalism, Clergy Pedophilia, Suppressed Sexuality

A Novel
By Carol Hoenig
Publisher: Steel Cut Press
Publication date: October 22, 2013
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-936380-05-3

Published with permission from ForeWord Review Magazine

A raw yet sensitive portrayal of hypocrisy set against the backdrop of the
tumultuous 1960s presents the struggles of a liberal woman in the context of
her conservative family and upbringing.

Brutally frank and devastatingly real, this exceptional novel explores the
dynamics of a dysfunctional family while calling attention to hypocritical
behavior. Dredged memories of clergy pedophilia during the 1950s mingle with
suppressed sexuality and feminist perceptions of a biblical world. Narrated
from the distinctive viewpoints of four protagonists, the story reveals that
interpretation of religious structure is highly personal, not a matter of

Two sisters, a brother, and a sister-in-law cannot agree on whether to sell
their childhood home that is occupied by the sibling with a zealous attitude
toward fundamentalist religion. Pitted against this woman are her liberal
sister, Laura, who wishes to have a child without the entanglement of marriage
during a time when it remains unacceptable, and her brother, who is a married
minister who remains childless.

Laura, having been molested by a pastor, maintains a straightforward, carefree
lifestyle that showcases the flaws of conservative purists who resist change.
Through Laura's eyes, a sincere desire cannot tolerate a "should" or a "must"
in a preordained plan; rather, it is the spontaneity of living that enlightens
those who seek the guidance of a higher power.

Filled with twists and surprises, this absorbing novel fulfills expectations
without giving itself away. The end will astound even the most jaded.
Meticulous effort, as well as personal experience, enhances the authenticity of
Hoenig's work, bringing to light a captivating though frightening decade.
Women's rights, the Vietnam War, and civil-rights protests set the backdrop for
this engrossing exploration of human character.


Carol Hoenig is president of her own publishing consultant firm and an
award-winning author with a gift for insightful storytelling. Her involvement
in fundamentalism and later rejection of the church bring to light this
sensitive portrayal of a fascinating cast of characters.

*Of Little Faith* delivers a punch to old-school beliefs while spotlighting the
period when progress for women battled nightmarish condemnation and
self-centered ritual.

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