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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Author Loves Valerie Allen's How-To Book for Authors

Title: Write, Publish, Sell!: Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged 2nd Edition
Author: Valerie Allen
Author's Web site:
Genre: Non-fiction, Reference for Authors and Writing
ISBN 10: 1480043850
ISBN 13: 978 1480043855
Format: book and ebook
Purchase at:
For writers, new and experienced, as they move from writing to publication and marketing of their work. Practical suggestions to create and increase sales.

Reviewed by Jay Heavner, originally for Amazon  5 Star Review

This book is well worth the money. The information inside is very helpful in the fields of writing, getting published, and SELLING. I especially liked the part about SELLING. Once you have written your work, and found a publisher, you have to SELL. I have gotten my money back many, many times over with her helpful hints. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Valerie Allen has written a great 'how to' book. She shares the short cuts she has learned the hard way. You will be a satisfied customer, take it from the author of, "Braddock's Gold," also on Amazon. You need this book.

Valerie Allen, psychologist, author, and speaker, writes fiction, nonfiction, and children's books. Her articles and short stories have been published in newspapers, online, in literary journals, and educational and mental health magazines.

She conducts seminars for educators, parents, medical and mental health professionals based on her motivational, self help book, Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony. Professionally, she is a member of the National and Florida Association of School Psychologists, and board certified by the National Association of School Psychologists.

She is a popular speaker at writer's conferences, libraries, and community events using her book: Write, Publish, Sell! Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged 2nd Edition.

She has written children's books for independent readers in grades three to five, Summer School for Smarties and Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends. She conducts workshops for students to foster their talent and creativity.

She is a member of the Space Coast Writer’s Guild, the National League of American PEN Women, Cape Canaveral Branch, and serves on the Board of Directors for The Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard, FL

She is also co-founder of Authors for Authors,which sponsors book fairs, book launches, and writing seminars for new and experienced writers.

Valerie Allen can be contacted via, Twitter, or 

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