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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maestro: Unveiling Karma and Reincarnation By Rachel Madorsky and Avanty House (Paperback - Apr 16, 2011) Buy new: $19.95ISBN: 978-0-9705349-6-5Author's Web site at
245 Pages with Handy Bibliography in the back
Reviewed by Joyce White
As a student of life, I find the title Maestro very interesting. The word Maestro is a title of extreme respect given to a master musician or a master in an artistic field, usually someone who listens with their mind’s eyes and ears; much like this author, historian, healer, and clairvoyant , Rachel Madorsky.
I like the image of mankind given by Trifonov’s novel, The Other Life, that our human destinies resemble threads. …and that human beings do not give in to death because they have an inborn sense of the infinite threads.
Rachel is also a historian who studies how we are destined to meet the same loved ones, relatives or friends over and over again. She tells us, “If we develop the skills and understanding to access the information about our karma and past lives, we are forewarned; and we may be able to correct many things that seem otherwise impossible to change.”
There is a growing audience today of all ages, who are not afraid of openly exploring the Unknown. The words “Know Thyself” keeps us all questioning why we were born…what is our purpose for living…and whether we will be rewarded or punished this time around?
Rachel‘s many patients seem to absorb her words, her energy, her electric wellness. Her book is kind of a diary packed with information to back up her beliefs. Her patients use her warmth, energy and clairvoyance for healing their healing.
Many of us wonder why some preach, some teach, and some kill? To the questions can we beat our DNA or outfox our Karma, Rachel warns us that Karma is similar to a gun shot; once the bullet is fired, its consequences cannot be controlled. (much like our tongue).
Abraham Lincoln’s quote at the beginning of her book says, “I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.” Rachel's one-on-one healing has given her insight into a world most of us know very little about.
My hope would be others do not fear their destiny but invest in their souls by studying Rachel’s books, Maestro, Create Your Own Destiny and Symphony of Your Karma. I have been privileged to read and write reviews for all three you can find here on
I’d like to leave you with the lines…We live to have this time we live in…To have this life that we are looking for…To be the person of our life…Is life within itself our time? By Nathaniel Madorsky, Rachel’s talented son.
Five Stars for
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