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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Intellectually Stimulating, Emotionally Engaging Cold War Thriller

Title: The Allemagne Deception
 Author: Donald J. Farinacci
 Author’s Website:
 Genre: Historical Novel/Military
 ISBN: 10:0983416818
ISBN: 13:978-0983416814

Reviewed by Steve George Bustin originally for Independent Author Network and Amazon

Author Donald J. Farinacci's latest work, The Allemagne Deception, is a terrifyingly suspenseful and gripping account of a history that few Americans know. While the shooting war in Vietnam was hot and the bellicose actions of the Cold War were in the papers, an unknown, but strategically important and viciously executed secret war raged in Europe between the unsung intelligence services of Democracy and the Stalinesque forces of Communism.

Farinacci has expertly crafted a complex, multi-layered web of deceit, loyalty, patriotism and greed, all within the greater context of the Cold War. As he did in his previous book, Truman, he provides both a global and individual perspective while keeping you in doubt of the final outcome of history.

The heretofore unheralded heroes of this war finally get their due in this story that spans decades and countries, yet remains timeless. There is such detail and credibility in the great prose, one has to wonder if in fact Mr. Farinacci was closer to the actual intelligence operations of the time than anyone but he knows.

Intellectually stimulating, emotionally engaging and certainly a page-turner, The Allemagne Deception is a superb work of the clandestine sacrifices of a highly select group of dedicated Americans who selflessly served without acknowledgement by anyone outside of their small community. This is a movie begging to be made.

~Reviewer Steven George Bustin is the author of Humble Heroes: How the USS Nashville CL43 Fought WWII .
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1 comment:

Jan Rider Newman said...

Not all thrillers deliver what they promise, but it sounds like this one does. Good review.