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Friday, July 15, 2011

Title: Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator
Author: Joan Ranquet
Genre: non-fiction
ISBN-10: 9781401916817

Reviewed by Kelli Kozak, originall for

Joan Ranquet's "Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator" is not only truly fascinating reading, but is full of inspirational stories and lots of tools that any animal lover can use to communicate with animals. As the author notes, we are all animal communicators, whether we know it or not... even whether we believe in it or not!

There are many ways we communicate with our animal companions. We use words, of course, but what we don't realize is that we are constantly communicating using pictures and feelings, as well. For example, when we tell - in words - our animals not to do something, they don't understand the "not" part, because the picture we invariably have in our minds is of the animal actually doing what we wish they wouldn't. In our minds is, "Go ahead, pee on the couch." Our expectation is often, "Well, they going to do it again anyway!"

Another example of how we unknowingly send messages is by what we are feeling: When packing for a trip, we are apprehensive about leaving our animals behind, worrying that they will miss us and feel sad and that we will miss them terribly! This often leads to separation anxiety and depression. We can try being happy about the trip and about the fact that we will be back soon and that they will have a great time while we are gone!

This book contains many exercises we can use to deepen our intuition, as well, in order to get pictures, words and feelings from our companions. I have been working with the techniques and have been able to get images from my dogs and horse. My dogs were out late enjoying their nightly run. I began to worry - it had been an hour - and tuned in to the pack leader. I got an image of a large white curve. When the dogs returned five minutes later, I realized that the image was of the roof of the barn next door. That's what the pack leader saw from the distance and that's the direction they came back from!

This book contains many stories of how Joan's advanced communication skills saved many a relationship - between animal and steward, between animals in the same household and even between the human members of a family!

This is a truly fascinating read and one that will change forever the way you behave, communicate and think about the animals around you.

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