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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be Struck by Your Own Incredible Power: Igniting the Genius Within

 Ignite the Genius Within
By Dr. Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter
Publisher: Plume
224 Pages 

Here is a new groundbreaking and experiential book. It includes loads of beautiful photos and images and a soundtrack that can inspire and help you. It allows you to travel through space and time—and sometimes to take a trip into yourself unlike anything you’ve experienced before. When you buy the book, you'll claim dozens bonuses, too - check it out:

Using a revolutionary system based on the latest in brain science and technology, this utterly unique book/soundtrack combo will help you uncover and then release the deeply-held, secret blocks and beliefs that stop you from getting what you want in life.

Ignite the Genius Within combines adaptations of two new and powerful therapy treatments—EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Brainspotting TM.
Dr. Ranck, a psychotherapist in NYC, who along with her traditional practice specializes in creativity and performance enhancement, witnessed many astonishing and “impossible” transformations while using these fast and effective mind/body techniques. She wanted to provide the experience and results in a book for the general public.

Your genius brain and system already have all the answers you need inside you—you just haven't had easy access to them…until now.
Ignite the Genius Within is a different kind of book altogether. It’s a book that works from the inside out. It is mostly a doing book rather than a reading book that works on two levels:
  1. POWERFUL COLOR IMAGES AND ARTWORK, accompanied by penetrating questions guide you to deep-brain processing. A picture paints a thousand words. Pictures are a short-cut into you.
  2. A BILATERAL SOUNDTRACK with music and nature sounds that oscillate back and forth (instead of stereo), stimulates both sides of the brain, distracting the thinking brain, and giving access to dream processing—which usually happens while we're sleeping. Proven to enhance creativity, this soundtrack allows you to travel through space and time—and sometimes to take a trip into yourself unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
By forcing the brain to process information differently, we can begin to see and experience events and ideas through new eyes. A new perspective can potentially change everything. Ignite's powerful elements uncover and deliver the answers—that are already there—in order to make change happen within the deepest part of you.

And here's the greatest part: when you buy the book, you'll receive dozens of similar downloadable bonuses!
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