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Monday, July 23, 2007

Courageous Souls, A Metaphysical Study

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?
Robert Schwartz
Pre-Birth Contracts | Spiritism
ISBN: 9780977679454,
327 pages
Whispering Winds Press, 800/742-0148,

Reviewed by New Age Retailer magazine June, 2007
Anna Jedrziewski, Spirit Connection New York, New York, N.Y.

The serene cover of Courageous Souls belies the punch with which Robert Schwartz communicates the results of his research into pre-birth planning. Working with four experienced channelers, he asked 10 people, each facing different challenges (AIDS, blindness, addiction, or death of a loved one), to delve into the reasons why they agreed, before birth, to put themselves in such difficult situations. Each entry begins with an interview in which the person’s story is told from his or her point-of-view. Information via a medium is used to provide insight and sometimes actual pre-birth conversations about the goals or life lessons desired, contributing past-life factors, and the people who contracted to play major roles in the person’s present incarnation. Moving us away from the idea of karma as punishment, Schwartz introduces the idea of learning through contrast, for instance, a soul wishing to fully experience her or his compassionate side might choose to be born into a family that lacks compassion.

In addition to the considerable wisdom provided from the spirit side, Schwartz writes a summary at the end of each chapter in which he adds some of his own insight garnered during years of metaphysical study. Overall, it is one of the best books of this kind I have come across.

Courageous Souls will trigger interest in both past lives and spirit-guide contact. Display alongside books by best-selling authors such as Brian Weiss, M.D., and Doreen Virtue Ph.D., or with Ruth Montgomery’s works, A Search for the Truth, A World Beyond, and Companions Along the Way.

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