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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Police Chief Weighs in on "Integrity: Do You Have It?"

Title: Integrity: Do You Have It?
2nd edition
Author: Dennis Aubuchon
Infinity Publishing.
ISBN: 0741429160
Author's Website:

Reviewed by William E. Cooper for Reader Views (1/07)

Integrity. We live in a world where integrity has often become situational. We don't always agree what it is or when it applies. Many people simply have never been taught its value or applications. The pace of today's world too frequently does not allow many people or organizations the time or ability to consider the ethical implications of decisions or actions. Unless one is grounded in integrity and practices it as a rule, the consequences of taking the "easier" option in the long run may become significant.

As a retired police chief it was my responsibility to insure the integrity of everyone and everything in my department. The public entrusted us with considerable power, and the criticality of maintaining the highest standards was the rule of the day. Absolute, unquestioned integrity must come from the top and be set through example and actions. In addition, the leader of the organization must have the courage to act when ethics violations occur. So it is in an organization, and in any person.

We are constantly barraged by ethics problems in the daily media, yet the majority of organizations and people are honest and truthful. It is our responsibility to teach it and conduct ourselves accordingly. Mr. AuBuchon has written a truly good book on the subject, and I encourage everyone to buy this book and read it. He provides an excellent journey through the subject and adds cases, examples, policies, and directives, as well as references to the law. I believe this book should be part of every home, business, library, and educational institution. It is too important to ignore or let get away from us. Any discussion of religion, politics, government, or education must have as its basis integrity and ethics. The
author provides his readers with definitions of ethics, applicability to each of the parts above.

I've taught ethics in the police academy and in graduate school courses. I've written on the topic and have found that many of the ideas and beliefs I teach are discussed and promoted in this book. I have to provide a high recommendation for "Integrity: Do You Have It?" because it deserves it.

Dennis AuBuchon, author: Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition
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