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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Personal Review--Heart to Heart

The Fallen by Gigi Miner
By Gigi Miner
Publisher: Lulu
Supernatural Mystery - Erotic Aesop's Fable
ISBN: 978-1-4303-0182-0

Reviewed by Yvonne Perry

The Fallen, has made such an impression upon me. My love for humanity has been rekindled and my awareness heightened by reading it.

It may seem like a fiction novel, but the spiritual impact it carries, caused me to see that it indeed contains a greater truth. We are the fallen angels; you, me, and so many others regardless of what course our lives take.

The characters in your book have come to life in the faces of those I love; even in those I do not understand or particularly enjoy being around, because now I know and recognize them as kindred spirits. Already, I feel less judgmental and more compassionate towards those who have forgotten who they are.

You’ve bravely delved into a place of pain where we abuse ourselves and others by the choices we make. Your book will help many realize that all of life is about choice and free will. Hopefully humanity will begin to make better choices that will bring peace to this planet rather than continuing to destroy it with hatred and retaliation.

Thank you so much for sharing your book, your love and your heart with me and all your readers.

Yvonne Perry
Author of More than Meets the Eye and owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services
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