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Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Beginnings Earns Four Romantic Hearts

New Beginnings
Pat McCain
Paranormal romance
ISBN: 978-1-84728-621-5
Reviewed by Anita of The Romance Studio
Rated Four Hearts
Available from

After the death of Alexandra’s father some very strange things started happening. Her lights being turned on and off by themselves. She has seen what looks like a ghost of a small man wearing a kilt and a woman wearing a long dress. Her father has left her money to trace her roots in Scotland and she believes that the things that are happening around her and her strange dreams may have something to do with her family’s history.

John MacDonald is a very distant cousin of Alex. He has been experiencing some of the same strange occurrences. He believes their ancestors are trying to tell them something. As they go about researching their history and looking for the answers to their mystery they become quite close. Things are going well between them until Alex’s friend arrives to join her on the trip.

Sammy has always thought she should be the center of attention. When she does not get her way she begins making life miserable for Alex and John. Alex has always known her friend to be self-centered but her actions go beyond what is normal for her. As Sammy’s behavior becomes even more bizarre it is obvious to Alex her friend needs help.

New Beginnings is a paranormal romance that takes the readers on a fascinating adventure to uncover a mystery. Alex and John’s ancestors want their story told. Throughout the story the reader is carried back and forth through time to learn the truth about these people that lived and died three hundred years earlier. As their story of love unfolds a new love begins to grow.

Alex and John are a wonderful couple of characters. They find a love and understanding that can lead to future happiness. Their love grows slowly as they notice they enjoy the same things and that they have a common history. Their sweet story of love will leave the reader feeling warm inside as history corrects wrongs done in the past.

Drama unfolds when Sammy joins them and starts making trouble. The true strength of the characters and the love that has grown between them becomes known. John does not let anyone walk all over Alex and Alex is not about to let John be treated badly. Sammy has some serious problems that lead to some startling surprises being revealed. Readers will cheer Alex and John on as they set Sammy straight and do not let her roll over them.

This is a moderately paced story that lets the mysteries it has to tell unfold slowly. The characters draw the reader into their lives and let them share in the love that grows between them. This is a story of love that last forever even beyond the grave. I encourage readers to add New Beginnings by Pat McCain to their reading list.

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