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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Children's Christmas Book in Time for Giving

Santa and the Little Teddy Bear
By Cheri & Peter John Lucking
Fiction: Children's/Holiday 

"This is the most beautiful Children's Christmas Book I've seen personally in years!" ~ Stacy Sanders/Sales Manager Borders Books, Colorado
"The artwork is a Magical Kingdom of Vibrant Color, a must see. Original art now
showing at the Kirkland Museum!" ~
Hugh Grant, Director/Curator Kirkland Museum

This 2011 Indie Excellence Award Winning book is intended to be brought out at Christmas time year after year; creating a holiday tradition. Sing carols, each chapter is a bedtime story, delight in the incredible artwork. Peter, the Indie Excellence award winning author and illustrator, has personally experienced each place in the book, (except the North Pole of course). Yes there is even a place called "Last Banana", where the author actually lived as a child. The story leads us through a magical kingdom of color. Carols and traditions are interwoven into Santa and Bilbo's adventure, revealing the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate.

Teachers will enjoy this book in the classroom. The book contains many opportunities to read, sing and interact with kids. Santa and Bilbo travel the world visiting strange and wonderful places on Christmas night. This book is an excellent tool for building vocabulary, the author is a wordsmith. If you love the English language and the spirit of Christmas this is a book that all the class and teachers will enjoy.

Peter's wife Cheri is an inspiration for his writing, painting and illustrating. Together, their wish is to touch the lives of many children through their generous donations from the proceeds of sales from this book.

~Submitted by Denise Cassino, publicist and book marketing specialist:
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