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Monday, November 14, 2011

Help Yourself with the Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life:
Subtitle: How To Get Through Life's Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them!
Genre: Nonfiction: Psychology/personal devlopment/self-help

Each of us has the ability to find within ourself the seeds of resilience to overcome obstacles, rise to life challenges, and convert failures into success. But just how do we do that? The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life: How to Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them! (PESI, ISBN 0982039891, Softcover $19.99, Self-Help, 247 pp.) will show you how. With both authors having over 30 years each of counseling and wellness speaking experience, this book unlocks loads of practical tips and tools for a happier life.

Using the analogy of Swiss cheese as a metaphor for life itself, this “user-friendly” self-help book serves up practical tips to its readers, using case examples, self-tests, inspirational quotes, mini-lessons, and current psychological research packaged in digestible “bites.” Psychological lessons are distilled and she crystallizes findings from many prominent experts in the self- help field.

The underlying analogy of this whimsical yet informative book is based on the concept that life is not smooth and predictable like American or Cream Cheese. Life has holes, and it’s how you get through them that counts! Instead of wishing the holes away in our lives, the book’s ten self-help slices show readers how to get through life’s pitfalls without getting stuck in them! In fact, it is the holes in our lives that give us character and make our life rich in meaning, just as the larger the holes in the Swiss, the sweeter the taste of the cheese. Thus, we need holes in our lives to become who we are, and this book shows us the way to navigate them successfully!

This book makes an ideal book club book for women who enjoy self development and sharing with other women about issues that are important to them.
Empowering people to transform negativity into optimism and turning obstacles into opportunities for growth underlie the books mission. On the Swiss Cheese Theory web site we pose The Swiss Cheese Challenge to our viewers:

-Are you trying to make changes in your life, yet you find yourself digging deeper into a hole?

-Do you know better but can t seem to get out from under your unhealthy patterns or habits?

-Do you often have why does this happen to me thinking?

-Are you looking for happiness in all the wrong places?

-Are you ready to make healthy changes in your life ... physically, emotionally, spiritually?

If you answered yes to any of these questions help is here!

And whatever you do, don’t forget to “SMILE AND SAY CHEESE!”

Below are what some of the expert reviewers say:

An engagingly fun 'cookbook' of recipes for self-discovery. Tips, tests, tool-kits, and clever insights make for a practical handbook for harnessing your emotions and fulfilling your life-goals. --Neal Roese, Ph.D., Northwestern University, author of If Only: How To Turn Regret Into Opportunity

This book shows you how to take complete control of your thoughts and emotions, and live a wonderful life! --Brian Tracy, International Motivational Speaker and author of No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline

We often struggle to make sense of the bad hand that life sometimes deals us. The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life offers a simple, refreshing approach to helping us reshuffle the deck' and tap into that inner resilience that we need to achieve a more fruitful existence. --Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D., ABPP, Harvard Medical School, author and editor of 18 professional books

"Even if you are lactose intolerant 'The Swiss Cheese Theory of life', will offer you some really valuable advice to help you get through difficult times and live life in a balanced way." - Sophie Keller, Happiness Expert and Author of 'How Happy is' book series.

“Smart, concise and clever, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life offers brief therapy for dealing with disappointment, loss and leftovers from a dysfunctional childhood.”
- Jane Adams, Ph.D., Author of Boundary Issues and I’m Still Your Mother

~ Co-Authors Judy Belmont and Lora Shor are both psychotherapists, each with over 30 years of experience. They are professional speakers on issues relating to Resiliency and Wellness, and are both members of the National Speakers Association. They offer wellness presentations and trainings to a variety of corporations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. They also speak on a variety of wellness topics for organization and association conferences. Visit their web sites at or contact them at

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