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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terri Mari Cheers Her Way to YOUR Success

Title: Your Inner Cheerleader Author: Terri Marie
Author's web site link:
Genre category: Self-help and business strategies
ISBN 978-094347727-5


The charming Inner Cheerleader in Terri Marie's book will seduce you to success with her heart, her strategies, and her spunk. Let a cheerleader show you how to use potent strategies to create a game in business or life that will support you in being the best "You" that you can be!" ~ Janet Bray Attwood - New York Times Co/author of The Passion Test

Instead of rah rah motivators, “Your Inner Cheerleader” delivers brilliant strategies for creating the best internal friend you’ve ever had. I especially loved the “Magic Moment” that a cheerleader takes before she acts. Terri Marie’s book is easy to read, and clear to follow, but the concepts are beautiful game changers. ~ Catherine Van Dien,(Oxenberg) Award-winning Actress

"Your Inner Cheerleader is well written, clear and easy to understand. It will undoubtedly help harness a person's greatest (and little understood) power of the subconscious mind. Congratulations on a fine piece of work!" ~ Ted Nicholas, The Success Margin
thin the pages of Terri Marie s Cheerleader book is a technique that can blast you into success. Hold on, get ready, you are about to change your whole game. See you in the winner s circle!" --John Assaraf, One Coach

"Terri Marie reveals a way for you to develop, own, and have push-button ready, your own cheerleader. It s a new voice in your head. It s a new you. It s the you that believes in you, your dreams, and your goals. It s your authentic self. It s more akin to your spirit."  ~ Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor

Reviewed by Kelli

Terri Marie does it again! I loved her first book, and now she follows with "The Inner Cheerleader" which takes your own game to a new inner level with simple but profound techniques to use daily on your journey to your personal dreams. These are proven and practiced techniques Terri Marie has used for herself and coached others to their success.

The Inner Cheerleader shows how we need to not only cheer ourselves on continually and gives specific processes to do that, but how we also need to surround ourselves with other cheerleaders for our game. It tells about the value of alignment and giving ourselves positive energy on our journey. How to believe you can WIN at life and harness the powers within to support your life path.

The book shows that we each have a unique "Life Formula" we can discover and that we need to commit 100 percent to ourselves and gives us the tools to accomplish these goals. I am sending this book to several friends on their own personal journey of discovery and entrepreneurship. I now have notes from this book all around my home for my own journey. Another winner from a great cheerleader herself. Go Terri Marie!!!

~ The author Terri Marie, White Wing Entertainment, is an award-winning producer and author.
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