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Friday, November 4, 2011

Editor Reviews Sci-Fi Adventure

Title: The Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic
Book 1 Part 1-7, Book 2 Part 8
Author: H Gibson
Genre: Fiction: Adventure Science Fiction

Reviewed by R. Gibson, editor of Chronicles of Han

Prepare to become addicted!

I have read 100’s of books, covering all spectrums, but never have I been this captivated. The Chronicles of Han is the story of a young peace officer that has psychic powers, who is then tasked in regaining lost knowledge of science and inter stellar travel to save a planet abused by over exploitation, and in the process expands his gifts.

The book, characters and storyline starts off undemanding and uncomplicated. As the story unfolds, the characters as well as the storyline matures, dragging the reader into the tale, causing you to feel and experience with Han. On occasion I found myself reluctantly having to put down the book so as to put a damper on my emotions, be it sadness or anger. As I progressed with the book I finally figured out why I would become so emotionally involved. It dawned on me that this book reflects a bit of each of us, causing you to identify either with a character or a situation.

As you get more involved with the tale, loads of questions pop up, just to be answered directly or by inference, causing you to think “but I knew that!”.

The down side of the book is that I now find most of my previous books dull and slow-moving.

Can’t wait for the next one.

The books are printed and distributed by the Author. The first two parts of Book 1 are available for free on in PDF and can also be ordered online in downloadable PDF, on CD or hardcopy.

 Topics: Chakra,Energy,healing,Chi,Reiki,Aura,Soul,Spirit,Medium,Teleport,Telepath,Empath,Psychic,Portal,Galactic,Worm hole,Inter-dimensional,Astral projection,Spirit guides,Angel,Angelic realm,Electrum,Parallel worlds,Cosmos,Entity,Astral travel,Akashic record,Ghost,Passed over,Other side,Heaven,Time travel,Hanuman,Past life experiences, Speculative Fiction,Alternate Alternative Realities,Spiritual, Autobiography

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Anonymous said...

I only read The Chronicles of Han: Behind The Scenes Collection of Public Blogs. It was then that the whole puzzle of my life started coming together and the pieces started falling into place. The mental, emotional and physical started to mean something more than just being negative experiences and at the present moment, for the first time in my life, my life is starting to make sense and all this due to the exposure to the contents of the Chronicles of Han’s Behind the Scenes Collection. I have purchased the whole collection of books and find it a fascinating read.
Wikus Coetsee (Ex-Mayor of Hermanus, South Africa)

Anonymous said...

This book is a MUST read! I thank the author for all the hidden ‘gifts’ between the words and chapters. Cannot wait to read her other books. Cornel Vermeulen, Pringle Bay, South Africa.

Anonymous said...

This story is absolutely fascinating and almost scary. Is it fact or fiction? Is this the writer’s experience?
- Veronica Rieder, Cape Town

Anonymous said...

I am reading the author's first book again because I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. I am enjoying reading the book a second time, and yes I did miss some important things. Would love to purchase Book 2. Many thanks to the Author. Sue Goris, Sandbaai, Hermanus, South Africa

Anonymous said...

I am re-reading the Chronicles of Han, Book 1&2, and enjoy the books as much as the first time. These stories are speculatively real. I am transferred to an alternative reality where I can truly lose myself in, reluctantly returning to my own timeframe when responsibilities call me back to Earth. I look at life in a whole new way and feel a part of Han’s transformational process.
Nina, Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Anonymous said...

I met the writer through my best friend while visiting in South Africa. I could not put the Chronicles of Han down!!!! Almost finished with Book 2!! Unbelievable stuff!! The writer is a blessing and I send her love and light and enormous hugs!
Madeleine Hall, United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know about the Feedback on The Chronicles of Han I had received from my daughter who is definitely not fond of reading. Two to three pages are already pushing it, but over 700 pages???? Not likely. . . !!!!
Then she started reading Han Storm . . . and could not stop! She had never been interested in the subject stating it to be boring, but this book is the ultimate. I have promised her that the books only get better (having been privy to the content of Book 3!).
Love and Light as Always. Annatjie. Hermanus, South Africa

Anonymous said...

I am re-reading Han Chronicles 2...and loving it every bit as much as the first time I read it! But with one exception...I am now reading it with much more awareness than I did the first time. Die eerste keer het ek die boek net so ingesluk en verslind...sommer so! This time it is digested much more slooooowleeee...bit by bit! And (WOW!!!) I am...ahhhh....don't even have the words describing what and how I feel....I just FEEL...and enjoying the experience!!!!
Bhakta, Hermanus, South Africa

Anonymous said...

As a devoted adventure fantasy-fiction fan, I thought that I would never fully enjoy fiction again after the death of David Eddings. But I do believe that the new JR Tolkien of South Africa has been found. Even Paul Hoffman and Ramond E Feist can learn a thing or two. Never have I experienced a book, in this regard – a whole Trilogy set – in such a gripping way. I am a slave and totally addicted lifelong fan of H GIBSON, author of Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han, Journeys of a Psychic, and all her literary works she may produce in the future.
Conraad P Dippenaar. Fiction Fan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, The Chronicles of Han Storm story was so deeply touching. I finished the 1st book about a week ago. It was the first time in 10 years that I have read any book written in a novel's style. I always read psychology or spiritual books cause other books rarely keeps me captivated in anyway at all! Fantastic story!
Walter Reyneke, UK

Anonymous said...

I was in the privileged position to have a pre-read of Leilaka. It took a while. The book needed to be absorbed and digested slowly. What and interesting book . . . full of adventure, intrigue, excitement, betrayal, suspense, humour, romance, drama and trauma . . . but above all, Universal Enlightenment!!
Bhakta-Anjana, Hermanus, South Africa

Anonymous said...

These books of Han are totally awesome. I am addicted and will read them again and again! I can not wait for Book 4.... Han, your gift is precious and your book is a guide for me and those that can see past the story line. I can not thank you enough for sharing it with me. It made so many things clear to me. I have come to understand a lot of self experienced situations that made me think that I might be loosing it. Now sharing the same experiences made it so much clearer to me on where I come from and where I'm going. Thank you.
Sonette Bosch, South Africa

Anonymous said...

Review on The Chronicles of Han Book 3, Taming Encha: The Chronicles of Han Storm brings extraordinary adventure and excitement to our reality. As we know Han, he feels a constant pull into the unknown! This inquisitiveness entices him to Encha, a new world where very few entities in the universes would dare to go! Opening the possibility to travel to new planets turned out to be more demanding than our hero thought! This adventure continues to be action packed, with surprises around every corner, literally, as Encha shows the extremities of the known worlds on a single planet. This proves to be an extraordinary learning curve for Han, one that would have huge consequences on many levels in Han’s life. Truly a ‘hold-onto-your-seat’ rollercoaster ride through the Universes!- Martin Jaques Beukes, Cape Town, South Africa

H Gibson said...

Hi Han. I just wanted to say thank you for your books.
A friend bought me a CD with three e-books while on holiday in South Africa. She thought I might find them interesting. I was not so sure about reading books from a South African writer but as they were a present, I downloaded them to my Kindle without a problem.
What a surprise I received when I started reading the Chronicles of Han. Although written from the viewpoint of a psychic individual, I found the books to be action-packed, yet pleasantly educational. After finishing the third book, I realized that these metaphysical jewels had changed my life to the point where I am finally at peace with my life and where I fit into it.
Please add me to your email list to be informed when the next book is ready to be downloaded.
Grace Q, USA, Received via email: 10 October 2013