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Friday, November 1, 2013

Author Shares Expat Ideas from Costa Rica

Title:  Retiring in Costa Rica or Doctors, Dogs or Pura Vida
Author:  Helen Dunn Frame
Category: Self-help (part of doing due diligence for retirement)ISBN:  9781479126095
Amazon Author's Page with second edition: https://www.amazon.com/author/helendunnframe.com 

Reviewed by Margaret Hegboum

Helen Dunn Frame's extensive background traveling and living abroad eminently qualifies her to advise on what it takes to "do it right." Although it's been said that there's no teacher like experience, getting a first-hand account of life in Costa Rica from an intelligent, experienced, and articulate source such as this writer runs a very close second. Consistent with my own much more limited experience (I lived in France for a year), her emphasis that having the right attitude: willingness to adapt, to learn the language and to keep an open mind, is indispensable to making a success of living in a foreign country, is right on the mark. It certainly made all the difference for me. The same thing is true for her admonition that in essence moving to "paradise" isn't going to magically "fix" everything if you have problems you're trying to escape dealing with. In other words, be realistic in your expectations.


The book, Retiring in Costa Rica or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida, is exhaustively researched, comprehensive and detailed-chock full of information, with scores of references on where to go to find more. The uninitiated visitor/immigrant could stumble and fumble around the country for weeks or months and still not succeed in acquiring the wealth of knowledge contained in this book. It's a tremendous head start on understanding how life "works" in CR. In addition, there are interesting anecdotes, warmth, and humor. The author's affection for Costa Rica and its people ("warts and all") shines through - tempered with a healthy dose of practicality. Reading the book is a bit like having an enjoyable conversation with a good friend over coffee. I had a hard time laying it down.

Helen Dunn Frame
Retiring in Costa Rica or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida (Second Edition); Greek Ghosts  Website: www.helendunnframe.com   Author's Page:  https://www.amazon.com/author/helendunnframe.com  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RetiringInCostaRicaOrDoctorsDogsAndPuraVida
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